About Us

Our expertise starting from 1965 we are providing comprehensive structural-civil engineering services to leading architects, real-estate developers, manufacturing facilities and governments.

Word of Veritas means "truth, real fact" in latin language. Veritas , the name given to the virtue of righteousness in ancient Rome, is at the same time the truth come into being in mythologhy.

Tracing the true knowledge and righteousness leads us to bridge between the science and the society. 

Our successful studies based on long years in the automotive, agriculture, manufacturing industry, real estate and public sectors lead us to transfer our experience to every single project.

Our engineering design team is a blend of both analytical and creative engineering expertise, who can make pragmatic decisions as well as design refined details.

With our expertise in fields of structural, earthquake and civil engineering areas, structural analysis, geotechnics, tall building design, seismic hazard and all building design issues are all included in our scope of study.

Our Engineering Approach

Our engineering approach is based on the Functionality, Sustainability, Constructability, Building Safety criterias on the same diligence to be achieved from large-scale projects to the design of the smallest detail in accordance with the targeted budget and work program.

First of all we want to understand the ideas behind each project we work on. These lie in the client’s requirements, the architect’s intellectual and spatial concepts, environmental strategies and the contractor’s methods of construction.  It’s about collaborating closely with clients, architects, consultants and contractors to make the best buildings possible.

Our team is delighted and works with pleasure by our collaborative working approach and acts in coherence with employers, architects and contractors beyond being a design team.

We have realized numerous projects across the whole range of from a well-reputed real estate firm’s mass housing projects in thousands of units to an individual public sculpture, and also from large-scale manufacturing facilities of world famous brands to one-off houses for private clients. Our work covers all structural materials, traditional and non-conventional and all building types.